Here at Breakup Advice, we believe that recommending books to read after a break up is one of our most important tasks. The period after a break up can be a painful one. Yet, it is also a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth. And for both of these reasons, finding, reading and perhaps even re-reading just the right books during that sensitive period when you are still wounded can prove invaluable.

Let me explain.

When you are going through the intense pain of a breakup, one of the most comforting experiences that you can have is realizing, in a very direct way, that you aren’t alone and that what you are going through makes sense. Sometimes, especially if there are unique issues in your particular situation, you can feel like nobody truly understands or even as if you are going crazy. But the right book can come in extremely handy in reflecting to you that there is always some reason behind what can feel like madness or pain that will never end.

In addition, if you find the right books to read after a break up, they can help you to:

  • Gain insight into why you attracted and were attracted to the specific person that you were, not only in this most recent relationship, but in relationships throughout your life
  • Gain insight into exactly why the relationship failed and if its failure reflects any significant patterns
  • Understand the sometimes counterintuitive or hidden explanations for the pain you are feeling – explanations you might never find without guidance from those who have been there or studied relationships for years
  • Learn exactly how to heal some of your longstanding wounds – wounds that can date back to your earliest years – so that you can attract a healthier partner next time around and have a better chance of creating a lasting relationship that works

There are a huge number of books about relationships and breakups on the market. Many of them offer very little useful advice. Others are downright fraudulent or scams. How do you know which books are really worth buying and reading?

We have tried to help you with this decision. We’ve read many of these books and have been extremely selective in choosing only the very best to suggest to our readers. We truly believe that the books that we have chosen to recommend can help you tremendously in surviving your breakup, learning and growing from it, getting over a broken heart and coming out even stronger on the other side.

In fact, we are confident that you will return to the lessons that you learned from these books again and again throughout your life.

You can check out all of the best books to read after a breakup in our Breakup Advice Bookstore.

Reading books alone may not heal all of your wounds or fix all of your relationship problems. There are many other options that you might eventually consider as well, including participating in support groups and seeking the help of a talented and wise therapist.

But you simply can’t go wrong by first picking up any of the great books that we recommend, taking in what they have to offer, and then using that to help you make decisions about where to go from there. Even if you do find that you need additional help, these books will offer you guidance in determining just what help that might be.

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